Plant Base

Plant Base hosts workshops and events focused on real-life veganism in theory and practice - from cooking classes to a vegan book club. The brand’s mission is to make veganism accessible, easy and fun for everyone. You can attend their events or book them for private/company classes, workshops and catering. IG and FB: @plantbaseberlin Email:

Kimchi workshop

Learn how to make this fermented Korean dish at home, from scratch, with no bacteria culture needed. At the workshop you’ll first taste kimchi at different ageing stages. Then you'll be guided step by step and will learn the process by doing. Naturally you will take your kimchi home along with the how-to notes. Around 23 EUR / video

Polish Dumplings workshop

Polish dumplings - called Pierogi - are the flag dish and the absolute pride of polish cuisine. At this workshop you’ll learn how to make them vegan, prepare your own dough and filling, and enjoy them freshly made (right around lunch time, yay!). You will also get how-to handouts, ideas for other fillings and insider tips that will speed up and ease the dumplings making process. Around 30 EUR / video

Dips & Bread Spreads workshop

Learn how to make delicious plant-based breads spreads on the spot, saving your time, food waste and using veggies to the fullest. We’ll start with tasting our house favourites - Nacho Cheese dip, Egg-like spread, Fishy dip, Cashew cheese dip and more. We’ll discuss the theory - ingredients, their preparation, techniques, texture, flavor pairing, nutritional values etc. And finally - you will be making your own bread spreads to take home, along with the how-to notes. Around 28 EUR / video

Happy Meal workshop

This workshop is a real treat for everyone that enjoys a little fast food every now and then. You will learn how to make super delicious finger food perfect for house parties, movie nights and get-togethers. We’ll make happy chicken nuggets, non-chicken wings and two dipping sauces: garlicky and smokey barbecue. We’ll enjoy the food, perhaps with a beer in our hands - a great way to spend Saturday afternoon:) Around 30 EUR

Drunk&Vegan workshop

Alcoholic beverages, consumed or used for cooking, become part of our diet. That’s why, the same level of vegan scrutiny should be applied to them:) In this workshop, we’ll go through main spirit categories, explaining why they might not be vegan and share which brands surely are. We’ll teach you how to veganize two of the non-vegan classics and how to make two other delicious cocktails. Around 28 EUR

Tofu workshop

At this workshop we’ll teach you to prepare tofu in 5 different ways - for breakfast, lunch or dinner! You will learn five different recipes in the best way possible - by doing. We’ll guide you step by step, providing advice, tips and help. Naturally, you’ll also enjoy what you’ve prepared in a great company of like-minded people. You will go home inspired, full and equipped with all the how-to notes. Around 40 EUR

Cooking With Kimchi workshop

This workshop brings your kimchi skills to another level. We’ll teach you how to create simple, ready in no time, yummy dishes made with kimchi of our making. We’ll prepare four different dishes (probiotic shots, soups, omlette, fried rice) and enjoy them freshly made. Around 40 EUR

Vegan Starter Kit workshop

Dedicated to plant-based „beginners” and those who would like to adopt this diet but don't know how to start, this workshop focuses on the nutritional aspects of the vegan lifestyle. You’ll learn about the sources of all the nutrients, how to compose your meals and make sure your body is given everything it needs to thrive. You will also be provided with tips how to transition, advice how to keep your diet in less convenient situations, where and what to shop and where to find further inspiration/information. Around 10 EUR

Vegan Book Club

If you’re hungry for some food for though - join us and let’s get veducated! We meet every month or two to discuss different written pieces that shed light on issues that matter to the vegan community - animal rights, ethics, agriculture, health, environment, social/political matters. Every meeting evolves around a different book, so we ask the participants to read the required chapters beforehand. FREE