Life in a Berlin Minute is a curated glimpse into our daily lives, from where we like to eat, hang out, explore and enjoy culture in its many forms. We chose Berlin as our home base for its diversity in almost all facets of life. The city is changing quickly and this website is our way of archiving the places we most enjoy, by offering relevant information which is easy to digest. The bulk of the content is dedicated to Berlin, but as avid travellers we’ve decided to also include other cities in which we feel we have a special connection to. This website is curated by Kim and Lou. We met in Berlin and became friends through our common interest in the food and cultural scene on offer.


kim + lou

Kim was raised in San Francisco, but decided to move to New York City after she finished university, living there for close to a decade. Eventually deciding to move to Europe, she first lived in Amsterdam, then Hamburg and eventually settled in Berlin in 2010. Lou was born in Sāo Paulo, she spent her childhood in California and lived in London before moving to Berlin in 2015.

We started a blog to have a place to keep a record of the places we like. We often have friends visiting the city, and love to share these places with them. It's even nicer to be able to share beyond our circles. We both live in Kreuzberg, so there may be more content which is local to us, but we are always looking to experience new places and things, so if you have any suggestions, please send us a message via our contact form