Berlin by Berliners 001: Laura


Laura Villanueva Guerra | Tausendsuend

To compile different perspectives of the city, we've asked some friends to share their favourite places in Berlin. To kick things off, the charming pastry chef from Tausendsuend shares her sweet spots. You can also read about her newish supper club, An Introduction To... over here

Your name: Laura Villanueva Guerra

Where are you from:  I'm was born in Hamburg, my parents are from Chile and Bolivia

Where do you live:   I live in Prenzlauer Berg

How long have you lived in Berlin:   I moved here in 2007

What is your favourite restaurant: I love the little Korean restaurant in Schöneberg, Ixthys! Weird place, extremely good food!  Really hard for me to tell, I think I would have to categorize, not easy for me to compare a Japanese and for example an Italian restaurant. I love Heno Heno in Charlottenburg and Shiori in Mitte, and I am a big fan of Maselli in Kreuzberg.

What is your favourite café:  Father Carpenter for its simply outstanding coffee, Heide's on Rykestraße for its lovely atmosphere and staff,  Café am Neuen See for its amazing setting in the middle of the Tiergarten.

Favourite bar:  Black Lodge on Sanderstraße in Neukölln

Favourite ice cream place:  I am a very loyal fan and consumer of Rosa Canina, I was living around the corner when they were opening their first shop at Arnswalder Platz a couple of years ago and since then my family and I go there everyday in summer, sometimes even twice a day...
But the absolute unbeaten ice cream queen is my friend Gabrielle jones with her shop Jones Icecream on Goltzstraße in Schöneberg. Hard to say what is better, the freshly house baked cones or the absolute irresistible ice cream, the duo of both is worth the long way there for me!




Favourite outdoor culture (park or outdoor cultural place):  Everywhere near the water. I've only been to the newly opened Holzmarkt once yet, but could definitely become a favorite! Best place to hang out on summery evening is in front of the Bode Museum. The view is just stunning and the tree right next to the museum sometimes is FULL of chirping birds, it's magical really!

Favourite indoor culture (museums, cultural centers, etc):  Volksbühne and Roter Salon, Kino International

Favourite hotel: Das Stue

Favourite shop:  International wardrobe on Almstadtstraße in Mitte!

Favourite wellness:  Vabali

Favourite wild card:  A night&day by myself at das Stue

Favourite market:  Ökomarkt at Hansaplatz

Favourite area / kiez / place to hang out in:  I like Mitte quite a lot




You can read more about Tausendsuend on their website or via facebook. And you can follow her on Instagram @tausendsuend.