An Introduction To....

The Organisers: Joao Rodriguez, chef (Grill Royal, the Store) & Laura Villanueva Guerra, chef and pastry chef (Tausendsuend, the Store, Bite Club u.a.)
How many seats per dinner:  25 - 30
How frequently does it run? Where and when is the next one? They happen monthly, next one is on the November 14, 2017. Location is Souterrain on Bergmannstraße 58 in Kreuzberg.
Food style: We introduce each month by season, so it's all seasonal veggies and fruits, and we have a strong focus on products that come from either Berlin or the region around Berlin. All ingredients are organic and we work closely with independent organic farmers.                                                                                           Average Cost for food and drinks:  35 Euros for 4 Courses, drinks are not included.
Where can I book?  right here!
Year established: 2017
What made you decide to start a supper club in Berlin? We both worked as chefs in bigger businesses for several years. We both love cooking very much and we wanted to create an experience, that brings people closer to simple yet high quality local organic food.  As a contrast to the still ongoing hype around the so called superfoods, we want to try to show our guests, how much there is to discover locally. Why look so far afield, when there is so much close at hand? It is also a very nice way to try things out, to make something a special experience, without having to open up a restaurant.