Berlin by Berliners (with Kids) 003: Sanae & Hana

Sanae & Hana | with kids

To compile different perspectives of the city, we've asked some friends to share their favourite places in Berlin. We have started asking friends with kids to share some spots which are child friendly, as they can provide insight into places we wouldn't know. First off, Sanae, a friend from Tokyo shares her & her 3 year old daughter Hana's favourite spots. Both great explorers who have nice tips to share. 



Your name:  Sanae (mom), Hana (daughter)
Where are you from: Tokyo
Which area do you Live: Kreuzberg
How long have you lived in Berlin: 5 years
What is your favorite restaurant: Pastarium, Aroma, Baraka, Con ThoTakumi Nine Ramen, Momiji (All kids friendly!)
What is your favorite café: Bar Italia (kids friendly), Populus (kids friendly), Brammibal’s Donuts (kids friendly), OLIV Eat (kids friendly), Hallesches Haus, Qua Phe
Favorite bar: Victoria Bar, Limonadier, Gladder, Not Only Riesling (all without kids of course!)
Favorite ice cream place: Jones (kids friendly / they have kids portion option too!), Vanille & Marile
Favorite outdoor culture (park or outdoor cultural place): Cycling and hiking (Both with kids)
Favorite indoor culture (museums, cultural centers, etc): Visitng museums, concerts, nice cafes and delicious food places! (All with kids)
Favorite hotel:  The Ritz - Carlton / Hotel Bar (without kids)
Favorite shop: All for kids.. Frau Fröhlich (also have kids’ products), Grimmel (Kids shoes), Klix (Kids products, second hand clothes), Bella Bimba (Kids new and second hand clothes, shoes, etc), Extra Buch (also have kids’ books for very reasonable prices)
Favorite wellness/ spa: Vabali
Favorite market: Turkish Market, Bio Market at Chamissoplatz, Winterfeldplatz Market
Favorite area / kiez / place to hang out in: Maybauchufer, Bergmanstr. / Bergmankiez




For Children

Playground: Viktoria Park, Gleisdreieck ParkHasenheide Park, Volkspark SchönebergHexenspielplatz at Eisenacher Str. 94-95, Familienzentrum Mehringdamm
Child-friendly spots: Zoologischer Garten, Berlin Aquarium, Berlin Tempelhofer Feld
Child-friendly day trips: Natur-Park Schöneberger Südgelände, Tiergarten Domäne - Dahlem, Botanishcer Garten, TierparkBritzer Garten


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