Festin Supper Club

The Organisers:   Deborah Tomassini-Buechner is the host, chef & curator of Festin Supper Club. On any given dinner she works with a team of 2 -6. Depending on the dinner, the team can be composed of other chefs, wine collectors, sommeliers and friends.
How many seat per dinner:  Dinners can be between 10-40 guests. The majority are between 12-20 guests. Above 20 guests are for special events that take place about 2x a year. It usually hosted around 1 communal table (special events 2-3 communal tables).
How frequently do they run? Where and when is the next one? Dinners take place about 10x per year. They can vary from 2x a month to 1x every 2 months.
Next dinner is mid September (exact date not finalized but usually falls on a Friday or Saturday). Location will most likely be at a wine collector friend's home in Schöneberg.
Food style:  Theme of Festin dinners are communal dining, cultural & social experience: We eat together. Deborah being born in NYC, her dinners carry something of a New York City vibe.
No matter what they are cooking, Latin, Northern Italian or Icelandic, food is always modern fusion - using mostly local, Berlin farmer's market produce with some exotic touches such as Piemontese truffles or Mexican chipotles. Any animal produce is either wild, bio, or from sustainable farms. For example, lamb or beef is pasture raised. Eggs are from bio, free range chickens, etc.
Average Cost for food and drinks: We give a suggested contribution which is given in the form of a donation. This can range between 40-60€, including aperitif & unlimited water, but without drinks. With drinks, add about 10-30€, depending on the wine selection.
How do you book:  Easiest way to book is through https://www.eatwith.com/@festinberlin/ - this confirms your seat and automatic return of donation in case of any dinner cancellations.
You can also send Deborah a message directly to her email.  If you mention Life in a Berlin MInute she will place you on their mailing list for future dinner updates.  Other updates can be found on theirwebsite or via their facebook page.
Year established: 2012
What made you decide to start a supper club in Berlin? A few things came together that made Deborah want to start a supper club in Berlin:  1st and foremost, she missed my NYC dining experiences. She specifically missed having people around the dinner table sharing the ritual of eating together. She also had all sorts of inspirations from her travels (having visited over 200 cities worldwide) so she wanted to bring a new experience to this ever evolving city of Berlin!