luna & fennel

The Organisers: Leanne Masi and it’s hosted at IVY BERLIN on Weserstr., Neukölln
How many seat per dinner:  15-20 Seats
How frequently do they run? Where and when is the next one? Every 6 weeks or so - next one will be held September 1!
Food style:  We serve gluten-free, vegetarian & vegan pizzas with a focus on seasonal ingredients and local produce as much as possible. To drink there is natural wine from Berlin based company ‘Drink Naked’ as well as local craft beer.
Average Cost for food and drinks: Tickets are 30€ and include a welcome drink.
How do you book:  Check/follow us on Instagram @luna_fennel and email for tickets. There is always an event for each supper club on our facebook
Year established: 2017
What made you decide to start a supper club in Berlin? I fell in love with the Berlin food scene a few years ago - it’s one of the main reasons I moved here from London. There’s a big demand for vegetarian and vegan food in Berlin, but especially for gluten free food, so I think our concept works really well here. Supper clubs are a great way to build a brand and test your product and are becoming more & more popular. They’re super fun and interesting to organise - like having your own mini restaurant for a night! For guests it’s a really nice way to spend an evening - a different experience than going out for dinner. I’ve been to lots myself and you always get chatting to people you wouldn’t have met otherwise and eat food you may not have eaten otherwise. I actually still keep in touch with a couple of people I’ve met through supper clubs, which is so nice! It’s a very “organic” way to meet people, which is quite hard to do I think.