Boros Bunker

Address: Reinhardtstraße 20, 10117 Berlin
Opening Times: Thursday to Sunday
Cost: admission  12,00 € 
         reduced admission  6,00 €
Note: You may only visit the collection in a private tour. These must be booked online in advance. Tours are available in English and in German. The tours last roughly 1.5 hours, they take you through not only selected pieces but also through the bunker and it's crazy history. You can check the schedule and book a time here.   
Fun Fact: The bunker is often referred to as "Banana Bunker" as it was used to store tropical fruits (mainly bananas) imported from Cuba in the late 50's. Later the bunker actually housed a techno / fetish club from the now-owners of Berghain. 
Type: Private Collection / Gallery
Classification: Indoor Culture