Louloute Gourmet

The Organisers: Romy Gabrielle
How many seat per dinner:  6 seats
How frequently do they run? Where and when is the next one? They run about 3 times a month. The next one is July 29th - Italian Feast .. Location is in Prenzlauberg
Food style:  The food themes are different but always vegan. Past events have been: Mexican, Middle Eastern, French, Scandinavian.
Average Cost for food and drinks: The cost for dinners average 40 eur.; brunch avg. 20 eur. Water, coffee, tea are included. Alcoholic drinks are extra.
How do you book:  Events with booking links posted on facebook or email
Year established: 2017
What made you decide to start a supper club in Berlin?  I started to show vegans and non-vegans alike what awesome plant-based food can taste like. I love being creative with food and sharing with new people. Everything is locally sourced, seasonal, and organic.  I also do Private Dinners, you can contact me via email if you would like to book one.